Gartner Peer Insights Labyrinth the First Finalists for the ECSO CISO Choice Award 2025

Deception-based threat detection

Developed to defeat hackers

The most efficient tool to detect and stop hackers' activities inside the corporate network

Labyrinth detect and respond to hacking activities, defending core assets from compromise.


Using deception technology, our Platform provides security teams with a simple and efficient tool for the earliest possible detection of attackers inside corporate networks.

  • Threat Detection : Unauthorized Access, Vulnerabilities Exploitation, Command-and-Control attacks
  • Data Gathering and Analysis: Threat identification, Pattern analysis, Content analysis
  • Automated Response: Generation of threat indicators, Isolation of compromised hosts, Incident Logging and Reporting

Labyrinth Solution Description


Reasons to enhance your cyber defense with Labyrinth

next-gen deception platform focused on threat detection


Hacking activities prevention

51% of all detected intrusion attempts into information systems is malware-free attacks


Silent failure detection

56% of breaches aren’t discovered for at least a matter of months


Valuable assets protection

60% of businesses have experienced a serious security breach in the last two years

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Cyber-criminals continue to become more advanced and sophisticated. Traditional security measures, such as firewalls and endpoint protection, are not enough to stop hackers and protect sensitive data from leakage. Solutions for advanced threat detection in corporate IT networks are crucial for defending organizations against today’s adversaries.

Why Labirynth

Labyrinth provides adversaries with an illusion of IT services and applications vulnerabilities to provoke them for actions, detects and monitors all their activities, and isolates them from real IT network.

  • NO long implementation process Simple installation and configuration - ready to work in hours, not days
  • NO terabytes of data to store The Platform gathers only valuable data related to security incidents
  • NO overwhelming security alerts The solution is silent until it is being touched, so does not generate “digital noise”
  • NO false-positive warnings Labyrinth provides security teams with highly reliable alerts with less than 1% false positives
  • NO special skills needed Intuitive interface provides full real-time attack visibility

LabyrinthDeception Platform provides you with

Early In-Network Threat Detection

Labyrinth designed to catch threat actions when an attacker tries to understand the network architecture and to find its target. Once an attacker has been detected, the platform gathers all the details about them: the threat sources, the tools used, and vulnerabilities exploited.

Targeted Attacks Uncovering

Labyrinth lures hackers into a false sense of security and allows to learn their skillset and motives. Awareness of what attackers know about company networks, applications, and employees help to create the most accurate profile of attackers and apply the best possible way to defend against them.

Rapid Incident Response

All gathered by Labyrinth events are enriched with necessary security data from the Incident Response Platform. Indicators of Compromise (IoC) generated by Labyrinth automatically synchronize to Threat Prevention Solutions. It allows in case of attack to take action immediately.

Post Infection Detection

Labyrinth serves as a highly reliable alerting system of attacks that have bypassed perimeter security controls. Agents, deployed on servers and workstations, mimic the most “delicious”, for an attacker, artifacts. What appears to be a high-privilege and badly protected administrator account is a trap that entices an attacker to Labyrinth.

Lateral Movement Recognition

In the phase of lateral movement, an attacker moves in a company network from one asset to another. Labyrinth is designed to detect early reconnaissance, credential theft, and lateral movement. The Platform allows companies to gain such threats visibility at their early stage that is a complicated task for traditional security solutions.

Dwell Time Reduction

Labyrinth detection mechanism is especially efficient for reducing dwell time, which is a crucial condition for an attacker to successfully complete an attack. Labyrinth reduces dwell time and ability for attackers to move inside companies' networks and stops them before they reach critical assets and services.

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